GeekBuddy Corrupted by Malwarebytes Making Uninstall....

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware viciously attacked GeekBuddy. I attempted to uninstall it, but the file is corrupted. I attempted to install GeekBuddy over the corrupted file, but no can do. I need help. I’m using Windows 10. Thank you

Me too, how can we stop Malwarebytes from destroying GeekBuddy?

Go into Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and configure it to exclude the appropriate GeekBuddy folder.

I’m not sure if the fellow above tried that but I tried that & it didn’t fully work.

You can also exclude the file being attacked

I’ve also tried that & it still somewhat attacks GeekBuddy.

As far as my issue with GeekBuddy, disregard my initial post. I went into Apps & Features and enabled uninstall. Afterward, I disabled Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malware Protection) and chose to repair GeekBuddy. Problem resolved.

What file exactly is Malwarebytes attacking?

It’s been awhile since I used MBAM, but last time I used it, I turned off PUP detection (Potent. Unwanted Program) & it kept going after GeekBuddy’s registry files.

I excluded the entire GeekBuddy folder in Programs and Malwaarebytes Anti-Malware is ignoring GeekBuddy

Just curious, are you using MBAM 3.0.???