GeekBuddies are Knights in Shining Armour

I was called away just as my GeekBuddy finished reinstalling Comodo Cloud for me. By the time I returned the session was finished and I was unable to thank my Buddy, or to give ‘Parker’ a well-deserved 100% review.

It’s not my first encounter with a GeekBuddy, and in my experience these people are super-helpful, efficient and courteous. They also have a sense of humour. ‘Geek’ is a negative word. To me they are Super Heroes and Heroines. When you reach my age, it is a joy to have someone you can rely on.

Please pass on my gratitude to the Buddies and their supervisors.

Hi Finny,
Thank you posting your positive experience.
I have moved this to GeekBuddy & Live PC Support and I will also Personal message Geek Buddy support (Staff) with your gratitude.
Kind regards.

Edit: Finny, I have sent a PM on your behalf.

Nice to see somone having a positive experience.


I had some help from Bradley with an issue that has been bugging me for a while - virus scans would run for hours and then when I tried to stop it I had to use Task Manager to stop the process. I have been away for a number of months and now that I have retired, I finally got around to asking about this issue. Bradley logged onto my computer and did some checking and found that I had a couple of issues that he fixed up.

He asked me to run a scheduled scan last night and this morning all is well. The scan ran properly with no issues.

Gret Job Bradley and many thanks.
I have no idea where you are but I hope this message gets to you.


I have nothing, but possetiv to say aboute the Geekbuddies team they deserv to be noticed it is whats make comodo superior… I dont know if the someone from the team remembers me ,but anyway thank you alot for good service and support even if i was a bit stressed typing to you guys…