Geek buddy window has no close button

when a threat is found by the anti-virus a window pops uo that suggests to call geek buddy.
it is not possible to close that window BECAUSE THERE IS NO CLOSE BUTTON.
whats worse, i can not get to the report window below to select any action for the threat found, i have to kill the process with the task manager.

win10 64bit version 1709 build 16299.125

“no thanks” is missing here.


Dont forget to add CIS version and the OS Version to your first post.;msg743201#msg743201

You can find your Windows Version by typing Winver.exe inside the start menu.
It should look like somthing like this, (pic)

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Can you post the screenshot of what the window looks like?

here it is.
in case you wonder what the link above the green bar says, it translates to “tell me more”. it leads to the geekbuddy landing page and does not close dialog.

It appears to be a translation problem as the Green bar is extend to fit the words, it pushes the no thanks off screen.

The Translation needs to be shorten to two words to fit the screen.


Edit added extra f to of

We will be adding standard “Close” icon on this dialog to avoid such possibilities in future.

ok, in the meantime I’m changing the language to English. Thanks.

Would be nice to also have a option to disable this alert from the General settings/User interface inside CIS.