Geek Buddy Uninstall

Some time back I reinstalled CIS due to a long boot time and it runs beautiful. When using the CIS clean up tool I noticed one to run for Geek Buddy clean up . I have uninstalled Geek Buddy and wanted some feedback if that’s a pretty successful tool or has there been any problems before I run it? Thanks

Help folks. Not feeling the love here! Thanks

Hello 4putt,

Sorry for the late reply,

As you may noticed there hasn’t been much talk for the Geekbuddy feature of the “Uninstall Tool For Comodo Products”,
Please note that this is only incase you want to clean up left overs or have problems uninstalling/installing the product.

Also Please note, To use the Built-in Uninstaller first before trying this application.

I have tested the application in XP/Vista, Rather old version of GeekBuddy, So don’t know if it will clean-up most of the traces of GeekBuddy

Hope this helps