Geek Buddy Help

I find myself in a world of Geek Buddy that works for everyone but me. No matter what I try, I find that I am unable to connect. Any suggestions?

I connect to Geek Buddy by phone and chat room at least five days a week and spend upwards of six to eight hours with the same problem which I started with. we are talking, not days but months. On one of my first visits something happened when t he tech had control of my system >:( and each time I call now, I am informed that all my problems have been solved. Later that day or the next I boot my system all the problems have returned. ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!


You might experience a network issue which is preventing COMODO livePCsupport from connecting to server.

Please contact us at the following phone number, so we can properly identify and solve the problems you encounter:
LivePCSupport Phone Number: +1 571 730 5268

or access and click “Chat Now” in the upper right corner to get in contact with one of our technicians.

Thank you for your support.

i alway s get geed buddy on my front page ( bureaublad )
how can a remove that somethimg is wromg with geed buddy on my page
a don t now how to remove it from my frontpage
can anyone help me

geed buddy say everytime on my brueafront
reveu s geed buddy is not see on my front

a say oke do it than
but nothing happy s

You can tell it to no longer pop up. There is tickbox in the lower left corner.