Geek Buddy error

Hi all. every time I boot up my PC I get a Geek Buddy Runtime Error, (whatever that is) so as I don’t use Geek Buddy, or know what its supposed to do because it came uninvited with the Comodo Firewall can I uninstall it without affecting the firewall performance?
Regards Roert.

For more information about GeekBuddy please see here.

You can uninstall this without affecting the performance of the Firewall. This is an optional program which is included by default. You can opt out of installing it by choosing the option to Customize during installation.

Hi, Many thanks for your quick reply, Geek Buddy looks like it could be useful, I will have a good look at the link you have sent and try to digest it :slight_smile: is this service free to Comodo users or does the member go all through the process and then find they can’t get help untill payment (like some of the more unscrupulous sites on the web?) regards Robert.

I believe that most services are only available after payment. I believe there are some services which are available for free, but I am not sure which ones.

Many thanks, regards Robert.