GDPR starts this 25 May for ALL companies with EU clients - is Comodo compliant?

I’m surprised, in fact staggered, not to be able to find via search on these forums, not the main Comodo website, ANY reference to the EU GDPR legislation which has been communicated for the past 2 years and which goes live this Friday

If a Comodo compliance statement and guide is there, it’s not immediately visible nor searchable using your search tools, nor Google.

GDPR affects Comodo by way of all of it’s customers, business and home, located in the European Union, a marketplace of more than 500 million people, nearly twice the population of the USA. That applies even if Comodo is headquartered or has offices outside of the EU in the USA or India for example.
Non-compliant companies can be fined €20 million or 4% of their annual turnover, whichever is the greater.
Melih, can you please make Comod’s position on GDPR immediately clear please, otherwise many customers may need to find alternative solutions should you not be compliant. However, if you are subscribed, or plan to be, under the USA-EU-Swiss Privacy Shield, then you may potentially be OK, but that’s something we should be aware of too.
Thank you,
Cavehomme :P0l