gdata 2014 review

once again due to family and vm issues i can’t test avs but there are reviewers who are going to kind of test the av’s for me

here is the 1st one: - YouTube

Made url clickable. Eric

Good one, thanks. :-TU It’s a shame that G-Data don’t use Avast anymore.

the avast engine sucks anyway in teams of detection rate on the plus side gdatas new engine can be a good engine in time almost like how malwarebytes had when they 1st came out

Let’s hope so… Time will show…

in the meantime avast and prevax needs to learn that this whats happens when your are a dead wight av engine, that av will dump you like a bad 1st date trust me i saw that happening many times

Hi nsm0220,
I thought the topic was created to give a review about Gdata?
If it is created pure & simply to continue bashing other vendors it will be locked down and further disciplinary action maybe taken.
Please think about what you are posting and after the recent line of events how this must look to me. ???
Thank you.

it was created for review.i also just wanted to point a lesson here as well its just a side note i put that there it won’t happen again

in mean time im going to wait for a good reviewer i know to test the same av for me just make sure everything is right and so people don’t think they are cheating.just to be on the safe side

OK as long as it continues down the path of review only, all will be well. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

I can test the same product 30 times.

The avast engine does not suck at all.
On what source do you base such a useless assumption?

Go to av comparitives and other test sites and see the results for yourself instead of factless personal opinions.

Don’t start a flame war with unfounded accusations. It will backfire.

We will keep you to that promise.

I assume you are starting a flame war with spywar here? Don’t even think about it.

At spywar and nsm0220. Leave the war that the two of you are involved in and started some place(s) else before joining here.

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Nsm0220 is flame baiting.

what i wasn’t flame baiting anyone and i waiting for the other reviewer that i know this other reviewer for 2 years his name is malwaregeek and no i was not targeting the other two for flame baiting i was asleep at the time the other posts would put in

It is interesting to see spyware respond to it though.

and i waiting for the other reviewer that i know this other reviewer for 2 years his name is malwaregeek and no i was not targeting the other two for flame baiting i was asleep at the time the other posts would put in
Why did you not immediately stated you were waiting for a review by malwaregeek if that is somebody you trust as a reviewer?

nsm0220, regardless of what the intention was, and what your answers to EricJH’s post are, please do not post them in this topic. This topic is solely about a particular review of Gdata 2014. Not anything else.

Anyone else, nsm0220 or others, who discuss something other than that in this post (especially anything which may seem insulting to any other users) will fall under the Mods radar.

Please consider this to be a serious warning. :P0l
Do not respond to this post. Only post comments related to this particular review of Gdata 2014. (This applies to everyone).

Nsm0220,My suggestion would be to read all the replies properly that were posted in a topic and also to consider changing your alter ego and useless assumptions on some security products that you love to hate.Btw,I agree with Mr.arnold’s comment.

Malwarekiller did you somehow miss reply 14 posted by Moderator Chiron? 88)

Malwarekiller and Nsm0220,
My suggestion is to PLEASE IGNORE one another completely, this slinging match does not belong here.
We are well aware that you both can not see eye to eye and the best for all members is avoiding the enemy.
Anything other than avoidance is just showing immaturity and I personally do not want to see any more of it.
Enemy interaction publicly displayed is not pleasant for anyone. :-TD

Now I have asked nicely loud and clear.

Thank you.

The following applies to all members. When you see somebody starting a fight etc report the post with the Report to moderator link at the bottom of that post. Or send a pm to any of the online mods. We will then handle it.

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thanks for letting me know i have change now