Ganda for presidente of moderators

If Ganda is ManBearPig he has my vote. :-TU

Option 3; most likely Ganda is not from this star system…

As long as he/she/it doesn’t turn out to be a balding, three fingered North American ape. :slight_smile:

Honestly… I think Ganda needs to help more members in order to be a mod. :stuck_out_tongue: And not just the female members Ganda… 88) ;D

Josh, don’t you have enough accounts already? ;D

hey hey hey, sneaky sneaky ;D

yeah OK whatever.let me guess, you have different usernames & passwords for each account on each forum, so you can memorize them all :slight_smile:

ehm, btw about option no.4. everyone have to HATE me to vote “no” ??? that’s mean 88)

I thought nobody is so sick to dislike you, but it seems there are some poor souls who needs … lobotomy, I guess


My Bad haha!!! Very smart Moderators here… lol Aw Now I need to start all over again! BRAT! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ganda, where is Ganda? Moderator president, duh?

All of the above

huh ??? what? looking for me ???

huh ??? then what is that mean?

It means you will be perfect for the job, maybe if voter doesent like you… (:NRD) I guess… or vice-versa

That means you have:
= 3 and half chances out of 4
= 3.5 / 4
= 0.875
= 87.5% of winning

Hey soya,

will you calculate the chances that this really happen to ;D, it’s going to low for me.


The chance of this (ganda becoming our chief) really happening is -5%.

Maybe you should preface that response with, “On this level of existence,”…

:slight_smile: everytime i look at this thread i imagine myself teasing newbie.
you know like this :

ON CFP3 HELP section
“Newbie: I can’t connect to the internet after i bla bla bla CFP3, i 've tried to uninstall then my comp bla bla bla. pls help bla bla bla”

and then
"GANDA as president of moderators: hi there (:WAV)
s*%# happens noob! live with it! >:-D

end of story, i lock the thread, mark it as resolved, and ban the poor newbie for life ;D

So you have more guts than most Mods here ;D

Greetz, Red.

hmmm, hey can i be a Banman ;D (not Batman 88) )
just give me an extra power to ban someone? plleeeeeeaaase. :slight_smile:

moderate ==> moderator
work==> worker
ban ==> banner ???

That would be a waste of time as you should ban yourself first then.