Ganda for presidente of moderators

I voted for option numero 1 :-TU

Option number 1 (:TNG)

Yes, I also believe his kindness is da MAN

but he would only allow women to join and would make Aimee and Kim his consorts. :wink:

I will accept with gratitude everything he/she/it decide to do…
Typhoid fever was mistake (:SHY), Ill tell my infantry not to go near him ever

One person Ganda will never have control over is ME!


For GOD sake who voted against :o who is sick person ???, I even considered not to have that option…everybody like Ganda

I wonder why someone wouldn’t like Ganda… 88)

I voted No.

(:AGY) You know, you can change your vote… be quick
This is not decision of healthy person, some kind of madness or great evil is inside your feeble body,
I recommend demons expulsion to get rid yourself of those imps of evil who voted instead you.

Maybe I should vote “Yes, she will be perfect for the job”. ;D


That is what I did (:LGH)

Greetz, Red.

Yes, she will, please do accordingly

Thanks for participation :smiley:

I voted “maybe if…” Ganda is really half man, half bear, and half pig beast. :smiley: (South Park is great).

You voted for maybe voted, this does not have sense at all…
change your vote to reasonable one…

Great, I did it too. O0


teehee ;D

Yeah, according to the results of the poll so far you will be the first Drag-Queen Moderator on this forum ;D

Greetz, Red.

but seriously, i’ve been offered to be moderator few months ago. but then i totally forgot about it then this thread comes up :stuck_out_tongue:
i think YOU should be moderator :-* :-* you’re more errr moderator material :-\

I am a Mod on what you can call a “discussion” related forum :slight_smile: But I won’t give you a link or details because I don’t want to be profiled :wink: And I have been an Admin/Mod on one Security, and two Games forums. But because of a very bad experience I decided not to accept such tasks anymore on commercial related forums. So Comodo is off limits for me :wink:

Greetz, Red.