Gaming problems..Plz help

Hi, I’m having an issue with installing a game I previously had installed but had to uninstall. So pretty much im reinstalling the game, but before I started reinstalling the game I switched my firewall to Comodo. And im pretty new and still learning the ins and outs of it all.

The game im trying to install is World of Warcraft, I had the full version with several patches in between. So far I have installed the majority of the game and I am now trying to finish installing all of the patches. What gets me is everything that i’ve installed before this certain patch “3.1.0 to 3.1.1…Secrets of Ulduar” has went smoothly. I got a bunch of the pop ups that I had to keep allowing for the installs to work, but it did install after it was all said and done.

The problem i’m now having is when the patch reaches 14% it stops and says my computer seems to be behind a firewall, and i’ve went in and set it up to where it should allow me to install, but its not and i’m completely stuck… Also i have some port numbers that i should get opened that may help, but i have no idea at all about ports, forwarding them, or adding them and everything else you do with them…lol Here’s the port numbers if thats the problem, but i would need step by step instructions on how to use them…3724, 6112, 6881, 6999, 1119, and 1120.

Mainly I just need some help on how to allow all installation processes and patches and actually playing the game past my new firewall, which so far is the best i’ve seen, if I could just figure it all out…Thanks for any help and much appreciated… :slight_smile:

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have you tried throwing the Firewall ad Defense in Training Mode by Right clicking the icon > Name Security Level > Training Mode

name is where you put Defense+ or Firewall…

Did this help?


Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I now have both of those in training mode, but before I didn’t have them in training mode though. I was reading up on some of the info in the help section on my package and read about the training mode.

And it seems to be working now, but the progress is very, very slow. And it still indicates that i’m still behind a firewall, but not sure if that’s suggesting there’s a problem or not. I’ve talked to someone about this before when this first patch came out. Originally it took me 16 hrs to install, they gave me some info about using some ports, and I have the ports I need but no idea how to use them at all.

Another question though. Could the firewall have anything to do with computer performance as to downloads taking hours to complete as to others i’ve talked to only takeing 15 minutes or so…

And thanks for the help!


I’m sure you have to port forward the game

so open up that bad boy… go to Firewall > Advance > Network Security Policy > Global > Add then just add the ports here…

Whats your OS?


Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a shot and hopefully do it right…lol,

I’m running Windows Vista Home edition, nothing speacial yet, hopefully with upgrades coming in the near future for it. Umm…My experiece rating is 3.0, so its average. Running a stock 2.40GHz processor with 2.00 GB ram memory. And its a 32 bit system so its pretty basic, but i’m not trying to do rocket science on it or anything…lol. Just mainly for the game and web surfing, so it could def use some improvements. I still have a lot to learn though and learning from every experience I can.

I’ll give you the feed back after I add the ports, and see if it helps.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile:

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Ok, I went and checked it out, but ran into another problem. Mainly just me not understanding…lol. Ok, I see where your talking about, but where exactly do I need to add the ports. Would they be a source port or destination port. Or should I add the ports in both areas?

Destination is Uploading… Source is downloading to your Computer/network…

I would add for both…


Ok done, but it hasnt changed the download speed any. Also adding those ports to my router was mentioned, but no idea what to do in that feild either, and i’m sure that’s to off topic to go over. Anyways, I added the ports to both the source and destination, but I didnt stop the installation process while doing so, so would you recomend I start the install porcess over to see if any changes may occur in the download speed?

And if you could give any help with adding those ports to my router I would be very gratefull. If not, it’s understandable.

you can include the router topic in here…

Are you downloading by a browser? or a installer? or what?

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Well, it starts as a browser link, then it installs some temp. files for the main Game installer. And all of this is from Wow’s website. Once it gets everything set up it installs the main parts of the game. As with all huge online games, they have bugs and crashes they have to deal with and fix to keep the game in good playing condition and up to date. So they do what they call patches.

As I mentioned the main part of the game installs first. There are 3 major parts. Each one is an upgrade or new edition to the game. Basicly you go to there website and pick which edition of the game you have on your account and want to install. It goes through the processes and the game is installed, but take me for instance, I have stage 3 of the game and chose that to be installed. So instead of installing each portion as a single it does it as one big whole.

Then all the little patches come in. The patches are where they fixed a bug problem or simply added a small edition or change to the game. Thats where im at now. I have two patches left to do. The one i’m currently trying to get sped up and another one that i’ve never dealt with. And it’s the one that put me here today, because of me having to uninstall the game and reinstall to make that final patch work.

So to sum it all up, it’s an installer from the games main website. Lol… sorry for all the writing, but i’m trying to put every thing in a nut shell so you might have a better understanding of what im dealing with.


  1. Disable Comodo’s Firewall… if speed doesn’t go to original speed then it’s not the firewall…

  2. Open CIS > Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Find the “Installer” and edit to be a Trusted Application…

These are the only things i can think of so far…


As far as I know, i’ve figured all that out before I came to the forums for help. I did double check however and it’s set to how you explained. Again do you think I should restart the installer since I had it running when I added those new ports? And any info on how to access my router and add those ports there as well?

Also I thought disableing the firewall was’nt really disableing it. It just throws it into some kind of super safe mode where you caint allow or block anything manually?

The Firewall Driver is still there… but It does allow any and all traffic…

You can try to restart it…

I’ll ask another mod to post here…


Hi if you’re a noob to ports and routers. Try this page Port Forward.

You find your router and then pick your game or game downloader and they give a step by step walk through on setting up your router. Sweet.
Oh yea around step 2 just skip the add.

If you get that sorted and it works good with CIS Firewall disabled.
Then we can make sure you have the right Global Rules in CIS to Run enabled.
This isn’t to bad a risk as you are behind router anyway.


Oh ok. Well I did restart the installer, and it caught up to where it left off pretty quick, but once it hit where it left off it slowed way down to the originall speed it was running.

So I think I should add those ports to my router as well to get the difference i’m looking for, but have no idea how to.

Wow, thanks for the link. I’ll look it over and see what’s up.

Once it’s all said and done i’ll be back to let you guys know how it turned out.

By the way Jacob, this is by far the best forum i’ve ever been on… :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the help.