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I looked at a few others topics and seen that run in training mode was suggested I have tried that.

Hello this is the closest thread I seen that I searched for that had something similar to my problem.
I recently installed full tilt poker as well as UFC poker and neither programs will start.

They both seem to go through the update phase then hang at the connecting to.

I looked in my defence plus and firewall setting and i am 90% sure they are both allowed. When installing I allowed all instances so I am not sure why I would be blocked. I also uninstalled them both the turned off comodo then reinstalled and still had the same problems.

this is also happening with my game Runes Of Magic I keep getting the firewall alert over and over again asking me to allow it.

Im also experiencing problems connecting to webzen archlord when I click to load I get this error XML URL open fail please check your firewall on your PC(12029) : -7

then load XML failure

I would really like to be able to play these sometime in the very near future

nothing shows in my firewall events

this is happening on my lap top that has vista as well as my desktop that has XP

my rule sets and global rule sets I removed “runes of magic” as it had a list of 50+ ENTIRES

Do you know if these programs need open port(s) for incoming traffic? Can you show us a screenshot of the firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.

no offence here I know your trying to help. but did you check out my posted url’s and actually read my whole post?

if you did then the answer for the question you asked is in my post.

In the case Runes of Magic I would not be surprised it would need an open port for incoming traffic on both router and firewall. When you don’t open a port on the router you won’t get any traffic logged by the firewall. I did a quick look up at their pages but couldn’t find information about network/firewall settings. Can you find them for me?

What is the firewall asking when playing Rune of Stones? What configuration is your CIS running? What mode is the Firewall in? Look under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour settings? How is the Alert Settings set?

Regarding Archlord. Do you play this game in a browser or a standalone program? Can you provide me with a url for information about network/firewall settings?

On another track the following. What is your network set up? What connection do you use and is there a router present in your network?

Regarding the poker games. Are there events logged in the D+ logs? If so can you post a screenshot?

I found these Runes of Magic
thats all I could find

safe mode


safe mode

Archlord runs through a browser it works on my laptop but not on my desktop. all stetting are the same the only difference is lapt top has vista.this is all i found

connection im not 100% sure on but i am using the 2wire 2701GH-G from bell sympatico



as for firewall logs There is not one log in there which is also in another thread that you are answering.


UPDATE: runes of magic seems to be updating just fine now I removed it from logs then tried starting it again and so far so good

SECOND UPDATE: all games are now running removing the instances then running the programs again seemed to work.

well ill post my rules again then to be shure as those ones are the old ones