Games do not load

I am using Comodo Internet Security 3.10 with Windows 7 RC. A few of my games do not load when I have CIS application running. They will “load” to the point that they take over the screen, but that is it the screen remains black. Once I turn off your software I have no problems. The games load just fine. Some of the games require online contectivity and others do not.
Thanks in advance.

You are probably missing the pop ups in full screen mode.

You can try the Traning Mode trick; this requires your pc to be free of malware. Before you start a game put both the Firewall and D+ in Training Mode. Then play a game for several minutes and put back D+ and Firewall to their previous mode. In training mode all actions are allowed so you won’t see any alerts.

So, I tried that with Counter Strike and it worked, but I have games that I do not want to be able to connect to the internet. With it in “training mode” will these games be allowed to connect? Also, I received a long list of files in my “pending” list after changing out of training mode. I am confused about these files because most of them should not have been operating during the time I was in “training mode” and I should already had their permissions set.

When in Training mode it will allow these games to connect to the web. When you want programs to be blocked then either put the Firewall to Paranoid mode and don’t answer to the alerts or make the rules manually when the game is not running.

As far as I know Training mode does not contribute to My Pending Files. Are you sure these files weren’t already on the list? Do keep in mind that when a known program gets updated the newer versions are not considered safe (because not on the white list) and will be flagged in My Pending files.