Gamers and Running a Game Server

Hello, I run a gameing server. And as in most games, the Option to Ban unfriendly players dont work. Thay know the work arounds… Coz thay know how to change the Game IP in Reg. But the Banning of there PC IP is a sure fire way to keep then out for good… With your Firewall this can be done… But In Activity, it shows to much info.Gamers Realy dont worry about being Safe bro… We are use to running with Firewalls down. coz that slow us up. Host only run XP gay firewall coz the others make lag… If you can tweek this to show only the Players . In order as thay join the server. And with a Right Click Bann. You have a winner bro

please add it at the whishlist for cpf


I am in JJ’s gaming clan for an online game called Mech Warrior, I told him about CPF and the community. I told him there is a way to ban, but of course CPF shows all of the activity in the activity window, but JJ just wants a way to get the users IP and ban them from his server using the CPF. I gave him the latest beta so he has the “latest and greatest” but all of the info does confuse (even me at some times) and it is hard to find the players IP that you want, most of the time it is guesswork in finding and banning the gamers IP, but maybe Comodo can eliminate some of the guess work. Also JJ as Pandlouk said you may want to add it to the wishlist also. To show you some of the confusion I have attached a screenshot.

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Justin you can do this by enabling to log at the rule you use for incoming connections (:WIN)

Indeed that can be done, but in a game server with people connecting and disconnecting it will get confusing with all of those logs, so after talking to JJ on MSN, he says that his idea is for there to be another tab named Gamin in the Firewall, it would show only IP’s that are connected to you in the order that they are connected. For example say JJ joined one of my game servers, with him in my server his ip is connected to my computer with a UPD/TCP protocal (thats the protocal most games use). So now when he is connected to my computer, it shows his IP, in the gaming tab, and all I would need to do is right click and then click Block, and that would make a rule to block his IP (banning him from my server). Understand?