GameGuard Error 500

Dear Comodo Tech Support;
Sorry for posting it this thread because I do not know where to post my concern. Anyways, one of my MMORPG game has just rescently patched their game and now they are saying that the GameGuard they are using for their game is now having problems with NOD32 anti-virus programs. I do not know what NOD32 is or if your CIS is a NOD32.
Before their new patch, I can play their game fine with your Free CIS+AntiVirus 64-bit. My OS is Windows7 x64, by the way. And now, my game would stop during GameGuard initialization then exit back to the desktop. The GameGuard error box that popped up, gave me a web site to report and include all the *.erl files to them only.
As a matter of fact, below is the LINK to my MMORPG’s site that is talking about this issue. Lastly and most importantly, I hope that you, Comodo, and GameGuard can both work out this minor issue, because I really love your Free CIS+AntiVirus program. I have been using it for a very long time and I would hate to switch to another program if this minor issue cannot be resolved anytime soon.

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GameGuard is “Still” not compatible with Windows7.

If some game caused problem with my current security setting. IMO GameGuard is wrong because it developed by the dumb company in Korea that they “Always” think they’re Global, No1, Safest, Know-How, Expert and having a lot of market share.

How pitiful.

I do not know what NOD32 is or if your CIS is a NOD32.

Are “gamers” in such a hurry to play that they are only able to look at pictures, and neither at forum sections?:

Non-product related only please.

neither at what their game software vendor himself says?

If your computer has NOD32 anti-virus program installed, it may automatically reboot when you launch any games attached with nProtect, Game Guard program. We have addressed this problem and have reported to the supplier of NOD32. The company will soon update the software to the latest version to resolve this problem. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks for your understanding.

If you experience this problem caused by NOD32, please follow one of the instructions below:

  1. Do not launch the game until your NOD32 software is updated.
  2. Uninstall NOD32, because this problem cannot be resolved by temporarily stopping the program. If your need to install a guard software for your computer, you may consider Avira AntiVir in English version.

Even assuming that one does not know before what NOD32 is, and that his computer has links to games, and not to Google, it is clearly stated that NOD32 is an “anti-virus program”, having a dedicated “supplier” and “company” and being a “software” able to be “updated” or “uninstalled”.

Strange enough, “nProtect gameguard” is not a global malware security device, but merely a device designed to protect the game itself, while the editor writes (even if he later advocates using Avira) “if you need to install a guard software”, when everybody knows that online gaming is a major security threat and that no word is said concerning protection by a global firewall and/or HIPS not to be suspected to only comply to game editors playing convenience.

If you have NOD32 anti-virus, then you found your problem (check the start menu to see if you have nod32) <-----This is nod32 website :slight_smile:

nProtect GameGuard sometimes called GG is a game anti-cheating software
You can ask "nProtect GameGuard" Company what the problem is

I’ve played some games that have problem with this program.
So I don’t forget to report problem to nProtect company.
After report for a long while I think It’s something pointless and nonsense. Because the company in Korea won’t take care any for “Foreign” customers.

There is a interesting conversation on this, There is a possible removel for it. (You need to read this to see if it would apply to your specific situation )

That sucks when they won’t fix it (it’s like a unwantedapplication)

NEO is using Gayguard? No wonder they got hacked… ppl just love to hack games with Gayguard to prove that it’s weak.