Game or video stalls in full screen mode [v5]

This can happen if CIS is trying to show an alert but cannot because your PC is in full screen and perhaps game mode.

Please be sure that your machine is clean of any malware, and you trust the program that is malfunctioning before trying this fix

Here is a solution:

[ol]- Disconnect the internet. The reason for this is that the next step - Training Mode, leaves you temporarily a bit vulnerable to internet attacks.

  • In Firewall ~ firewall settings and Defence Plus ~ Defence Plus Settings set the security to level Training Mode.
  • Launch your game and go through enough steps to be sure it loads and can be used correctly. Exit your game.
  • Re-enable Safe Mode in Firewall and Defence Plus using the slider
  • Re-connect the internet.
  • Relaunch your game to verify everything works correctly. [/ol]

With thanks to Momonhan, mods and others who have discovered this.