Game Mode & Exit Comodo


I searched the forum and i’ve found related information. But at some point started to get different versions for the same question.

Game Mode

  • Defense+/Firewall alerts are suppressed.
    Is this: If found safe: allow - if not: follow defined policies - if inexistent: block
    or just Allow all (similar to Training mode)?

Exit Comodo
If i exit the gui, will the existing rules still apply; with a default deny to everything else?

Advanced settings - D+ - Hips settings - Block all unknown requests when the application is not running
Is this gui (cis.exe\cistray.exe) related or service (cmdagent.exe) related ?



Game Mode is similar to Training Mode.

Exiting the GUI only exits the user interface. You’re fully protected by CIS when the GUI is closed, you just won’t be able to interact with CIS in any way. So for example, say you open something that you ordinarily would have received an alert from CIS asking whether or not you want to allow something, with the GUI closed, CIS would just block the process.