Game Mode configurations for security and convenience with automation

Game Mode is a convenient way to play or do other similar activities without being interrupted.

However, this can lead to security breaches. A circumstance in which you would normally have a warning is in this case allowed with no question.

So it is imperative to join the convenience of Game Mode with added security.

What I can think of now is joining the already requested Automatic Game Mode with this extra configurability. The user can define a game application, and have Game Mode be activated automatically every time such application is launched. Added to this the user should have the possibility of choosing whether to deny or to allow certain requests, for example choose to automatically deny all requests that are not a part of any allow rules while Game Mode is active. The game application should have configurability options as well, that is, it shouldn’t just be allowed everything but follow the rulesets or user-defined rules (as I think is already the case). Then, upon deactivating Game Mode, the user should have the option to see all warnings that were suppressed during Game Mode.