Game Being Blocked [Resolved]

Altho I have been running Comodo after switching from ZA (yuck hehehe) for awhile now, I have not taken the time yet to research and learn this program. Which I am in the process of doing now.

My husband downloaded a game “The Longest Journey” from Funcom.

I made sure we were set to Installation Mode when we installed, but it seems to block the game anyway. Altho, we clicked to approve and to remember.

In order to play the game, I have to totally disable Comodo after unplugging our broadband internet connection for safety sakes.

I am at a loss of where to check to see if it is show it as a blocked program and how to make sure that it allows it.

Can someone help me with that?



Edited to add.

I am running WinXP Home Edition sp2
Comodo Firewall Pro

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Add the game to firewall rules as trusted and also to D+. You can also use learn mode for both D+ and Firewall and the Comodo learn the game. I am a big time game. I have about 20 games installed and all I did was set everything to training and launched each game one by one. AFter all games are learned set Netwrok defense to Train with Safe Mode and Set D+ to Clean PC.

Thanks alot, I will try that.


Make all game entires Trusted.

It worked!!!

All I needed to do is to change it to learning mode, and that is all that it took. It started up with no problem!

Thanks so much for answering me. I appreciate your help!


Just be sure to put firewall back to train with safe mode and D+ to clean pc mode. (CWY)