Gain form using Comodo services

I use Icedragon, Comdo secure dns and Comodo antivirus and I am satisfied. I also want that Comodo gains, because I use its services and Comodo coluld update them. But I would like to understand how Comnodo gains when I use its services.
For example when I lunch Icedragon, default home page is yahoo. Does it gan from this? If I change the page (and I would prefer to put another page) does Comodo lose anything or is the same?
And If I put on another browser its dns does it gain?

Comodo gets paid if you use the Yahoo home page. When you set another home page Comodo will lose income from Yahoo. From Comodo DNS Comodo doesn’t earn money.

Ok, I will leave it. Do you earn only when I launch Icedragon with default home page or also if I put that page on bookmarks and click on it?

I assume that Comodo also will get paid when you have bookmarked the url of the homepage as set by the installer.

Look at the url: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos . Notice the last part where it says fr=frp-comodo. I think that is short for: franchise: franchise partner Comodo. Each time Yahoo sees it will book Comodo.