FYI: CRC will be able to find malware registry entries

With Melih’s permission I’m posting this (it’s a quote from him):

Registry cleaner will have the db of all registry entries from our AV labs for all the malware, so that scanning registry, in some cases, will reveal a potential infection (or left over registry entry from an old malware thats cluttering the registry). Noone else is doing this to my knowledge. Not only will our Registry cleaner detect more as it is, but it will detect even more when that db is in place.

Good news! :slight_smile:


As long as it doesn’t get to bloated, another great thing of Comodo !!!



Thanks LA for sharing this info with us!

indeed very interesting!! (:CLP)

Harry (:NRD)

we hope to release this current version of registry cleaner first… then release another one with this malware db as well as temp files etc cleaning utilities so that you can keep your machine clean and happy!


Hey Mr.Melih, it seems like this beautiful software will end up like CCleaner, but better.

One feature I have always wished for is something I can only find in one program on the entire web. This feature is simple, yet no one implements it besides one company. What I would absolutely LOVE to see Comodo release is something similar to what ShredAgent ( does. It basically watches for any delete commands and intercepts them to make them secure deletes. So if you empty the recycle bin through windows, then ShredAgent would be in the background securely deleting them instead.

Please reply and let me know what you think about this. I would love to see this, especially since ShredAgent is buggy, has bad support and is very pricey!

BTW, the new registry feature mentioned above is very innovative.


Pls put this in the wish list so that if we build a secure eraser we can put that as a feature.


Does this mean you’re building already one 88)


here is your answer

so yes they are…


lol, it was a retorical question, but thx anyway ;D, you’re the best CGPMaster :■■■■


also the next version will have privacy protection etc…


Full System Optimization i think we are looking forward to aye Melih?


I was browsing the internet and found a feature similar to the one I requested above. It is made by Diskeeper’s new Undelete 2009 software:

“Undelete 2009 with InvisiTasking to the Rescue
Undelete replaces the Windows recycle bin with a catch-all Recovery Bin™ that intercepts all deleted files, no matter how they were deleted. Lost file? No problem! Use the Recovery Bin’s Windows Explorer-like interface to navigate to the file, or take advantage of Undelete’s powerful search capabilities. Right-click the file, select Recover, and the file is back. The Microsoft Office Version Protection functionality can even restore your earlier, saved over versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files.”