FYI: COMODO Internet Security 3.5.54375.427 Update

Hi Guys,

We have issued an update to upgrade CIS to 3.5.54375.427. The release notes will be refelected in the web site tomorrow.

Here are the rlease notes for you:

FIXED! CFP.exe checks for subscription status every time it is started
FIXED! CFP.exe crashes when filename is clicked on popup windows

You should be getting the update notifications from your updaters shortly.

32-bit Setup

Size: 24.6 MB (25,830,664 bytes)
MD5: 6996b5fece1fe2c7e17e20d6576dc8a3
SHA1: 5cf1ccbcacf86b1fad0a710e86498fe16a6a4014

64-bit Setup

Size: 39.9 MB (41,904,392 bytes)
MD5: eceeb8ab33e7efb0042e689feb4d8f1d
SHA1: 5d8d3e810702ad8f1f8bac0b7a40372b1a300fa0



I know release notes will be available tomorrow but are there any other fixes besides these ones??

Thanks again. Running cool!!


Thanks for the update.

Keep up with the great work Comodo Team (V)

Wow, so soon? When are the special features coming out?

Thanks for the update.
Good work Comodo!


Update went fine. :slight_smile:

most likely not for a while. the CMF code is complex and BOclean needs to be cut down in resource usage.
it will come…

Thanks for update.


Thanks for the update. (:CLP)

I guess we will be seeing updates with fixes for a while to iron out remaining issues.

auto-update went fine and the filename click on popups works like a charm in WinXP X64! :■■■■

Update when smooth, And very fast.

FIXED! CFP.exe crashes when filename is clicked on popup windows

Great, just what I needed. Will test it out as soon as possible ;D

IMPROVED! Default security policies are optimized to protect new COM interfaces/registry keys/files

Could I please get a list of them so I can add them manually? I’ve been using one single config and kept updating it whenever you guys added more to the default security.

Great work. By now CFP is a very mature very stable and very polished app. Little can be done, perhaps something to get that #1 spot on Matousec? :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, an AV is hard ongoing work and dedication as new viruses come out and emphasis on proactivity is underscored. You guys are doing a remarkable task by giving this service for free.

I’m a bit bugged by the fact that it’s included in a suite and not also offerred as standalone anymore(since I use the old config I had to whitelist CFP again), aswell as the optional adware “make default, install toolbar etc.” but as long as none of that becomes mandatory it’s as okay as Winamp’s freebies.

Thanks for this new release!

However, I still have a 100% cmdagent.exe sometimes. Hopefully, you can fix that in a future release.

Here they are four pages.

[attachment deleted by admin]

In Pseudo COM Interfaces - Privileges, do

appear only in Maximum Protection or also (by default) in “recommended” ProActiveDefence (the recommended setting during installation)?

What do they refer to?

Updated from without issues, and yes, less resources usage

Thanks a lot
MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)

My guess is that it is protecting those interfaces from changes.

It is in the “Comodo Internet Security” config.

Tested and confirmed working.

I now have the problem that System Tray Icon is not always showing. Running GUI from startmenu again enables it again.

Update o Vista Home Premium SP1 diden’t work:

Error 112: Unable to copy file: cfp.chm

Work around: I had to disable the firewall and defense+

Now everything worked fine.


New version is out:

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