Further development of Program Manager

Hi Guys
Can you tell me if Comodo Program Manager is still being supported and developed or has it been developed as far as it can go. It is by far the best uninstaller on the market and I would hate to see the development come to an end. I use CIS, CD, CID, CCE and CSU and I do not want to go to another uninstaller. Please keep us posted on what is happening.
Shadha ;D

Please resume the development of Comodo Programs Manager! It was the best program manager and uninstaller on the market!

I would very much like if you restarted developing Comodo Programs Manager. The feature to create installers for the apps we already have installed is very useful, because it allows us to keep the CD Keys (or equivalent) used by the apps, as well as all our configurations. Also extremely useful for when we want to upgrate the Windows to a newer version. I still use it to this day, to backup apps, whenever I need to. But it’s unfortunate that the latest supported version of Windows is Windows 7, because it would make updating from Win7 to Win10 and/or from Win10 to Win11 would have been a lot easier with Comodo Programs Manager.

Hi Sapioit,

Thank you for reporting, we will check with the related team and update you.