funrecent.fmp -- is this malicious?

I just found funrecent.fmp in the MyDocuments folder, dated 12/11/2008, size 1kb.

We didn’t put it there and are worried that it is the leavings of some type of malware. We are running Comodo Internet Security Pro, which has all the updates. An automatic full virus scan runs weekly.

Your help please.

Hey pardalotus. I highly doubt it’s a virus because it’s only 1kb in size.
If you want to ease your mind you can upload it to and

Hope this helps :slight_smile: If you have any other questions feel free to ask

Hello Kyle,

I didn’t suspect the tiny file itself, but that it might be an incidental file resulting from some type of malware infection.

I did upload it to the test site and it was clean.

It seems ok… I did a google search on it and can’t find anything that stands out. If your still worried you can scan with Malware bytes\ Super anti spyware

Do you use Flash Movie Player or Autocad.
I can’t positively confirm but the file type seems to be for one of these.
The name would seem to indicate recently played or history.

Do you download games from It looks like one of theirs.