Funny or ridiculous? CPM asks to close itself while uninstalling...

I’ve uninstalling CIS 4 to install the CIS 5 RC.
Using CPM…
But CIS asks to close it… What’s the purpose of using CPM if it needs to be closed while uninstalling?

[attachment deleted by admin]

What i wonder is can CPM uninstall it’s self or will the universe tear open! :o


CIS’s setup asked to close CPM and not a self close.

Just close CPM as requested by CIS 5’s setup. The uninstalled setup will remain as a partial uninstall and you can remove it later.


Yes, but what’s up with this? CPM can’t be closed in order to work. Won’t CPM uninstall CIS correctly? I think they should be compatible, i.e., CPM would be able to manage the CIS uninstallation.

I’ve done that.
In fact, I’m waiting for further releases of CPM as it has quite drawbacks right now: non monitored applications, crashes, messing Windows Updates service status and so on. Build 30 did not solve these problems.
I was about to translate it - as I’ve finished the CTM one - but I need to “see” the program to translate it and it’s not running well in my machine right now.