Funmoods and Babylon

I wasn’t sure where to put this. It’s actually positive feedback for Dragon and Ice Dragon! ;D

I’ve been deliberately installing the above toolbars/search engines to try and get rid of them for readers on another computer forum. I discovered they installed on Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, Coolnovo but not your browsers…why is this?

Very secure browsers by the way I think…kudos! 8)

it would be really cool if this was a feature and not a bug. I hate how easy it is for junk plugins and extensions to invade a browser. usually it happens by installing a program bundled with junk. things should only be added to the browser if the user explicitly adds them. also it would be cool if instead of loading up plugins that are already in other browsers that were installed before dragon that dragon notify the user that it’s detected plugins but ask the user before it adds them to the plugins list. it would also be cool to remove plugins like extensions from the plugins list and saves the removed plugin files to another location and gives the user the option to restore plugins so that they can load back into the browser. the user can pick wich ones to restore.