Fundamental UI Improvements

I’ve mentioned some of these elsewhere, but PLEASE, someone needs to focus on improving the popups and the Rules list interactions. If you did made some of these changes you might have far fewer of the knee ■■■■ ‘Why don’t you just make it a Trusted Application?’ cop out responses.

  • Fix the rules so they don’t take forever when you add one if you have quite a few (I hear this is because the whole shebang is written to the registry ever time you update a rule)

  • When I select Block this Activity from one popup on an app, the next popup from the same app shouldn’t have ‘Allow’ selected, it should still be blocked.

  • The popups should use separate buttons that directly do the main actions (ie 4 buttons that close the dialog at a minumum: Allow til Quit, Block til Quit, Allow Forever, Block Forever. Having to make two clicks every time is very ineffiecient. It may not sound like much, but combined with other things like issue above, it really drags the UI down.

  • The popups need to have more options for power users, such as editing the file that gets blocked so you can add a wildcard, or allowing access to a folder higher up in the registry, allow me to edit the IP range that gets allowed/blocked from the popup.

  • Add a whois lookup for IP address in the Popup. It would be nice to know who some apps are trying to phone home to.

  • DEAR GOD PLEASE PUT A SEARCH FILTER IN THE RULES. That whole UI is unbearable and terrible. Oh, thanks for leaving every single app open so I can’t quickly find my app without scrolling through hundreds of rules and apps. Sorry for the sarcasm, but jeez, it really is terrible.

  • Provide some way to undo a rule change quickly and easily right after it is made. If I accidentally hit block, it would be great to be able to undo it.

  • If I look in the Activity Log and I see something is blocked, I should be able to get directly to the rule that blocked it so I can remove it if necessary.

  • Fix the Config stuff to work with UAC…seriously…I have to disable UAC to export my config for 2 years now? What?

Again, I apologize for the sarcasm, but it seems that the only goal has been to reach 100% on the matousec security challenge or to make the ‘design’ a blinding dayglo red, and not on making the app easy to use for power users (the one’s who are going to recommend and install it on other people’s computers).

I would say:

  1. Have an option to turn the “make a restore point” and “submit to comodo” check boxes in the popup OFF - I like to have the advanced popup but I don’t want those options, which I am NEVER going to use.

  2. Get rid of the big “subscripton information” box and “PC support” button on the main page

  3. Ship it with the BLUE skin by default, red looks rediculous

  4. Yes, there needs to be some seach function in rules, or even just make the column headers to sort the entries by alphabetic when you click them…