Function of "Remove" button in "My pending files" screen

Does the “Remove” button just clear the list of checked files, or does it do something to the files that are checked??

REMOVE takes them out of the list, not off the disk.

Thanks from me as well. Not sure if this is the place for suggestions, but the prompts choices could be clarified in the “what do these settings do” dialog. “Remove files” could have disastrous consequences if the files were deleted from the harddrive (this was my assumption on what remove did). I’m relieved it only means removing the names of the files from the pending list. I had over 6,000 in the list, way to many to process one by one.

Now I have to watch and see what process puts them on the list.

First of all - try to use Purge button more often =)
Also - Remove button realy removes file only from list, not from disk.
But behaviour of this files later depends on Mode of D+.
If you are in ClenPC Mode, files deleted from Pending Files will be assumed as Safe (Clean PC assumes all files on disk as safe, exept specialy blocked/qurantined). So if they not in Pending - hten they are “safe” =)

It’s only my own point of view, stationed on my monitoring of D+ work (also I am a programmer, so I often create new applications and test behaviour of D+ on them =) )