Fun and Games with Comodo Firewall

Can I please get some guidance concerning Comodo Firewall.

I’ve recently uninstalled BitDefender IS2013 using their uninstall software. I installed CIS, but then changed my mind as I have Emsisoft AM (paid). So I went into All programs > Comodo > Add or remove components, to remove the CIS and have only Comodo Firewall. The only changes I made to the CF configuration was to follow Chiron’s guide.

What happens is that CF does not always start (screenshot 1), three out of four times it does. Because I can’t be sure if it’ll start, when I boot up, I turn off the wireless connection, make sure CF is started, then and only then turn on Wifi. this morning I had to reboot four times, and as CF still won’t play ball, I’ve turned on Windows Firewall until I can get this sorted out.

Other times I’ve ended up with them both on (can’t remember the circumstances, sorry, screenshot 2)

I should mention my system was playing up, and have recently had my system scanned and cleaned with the help of I have run SFC and Check Disk utility, and run the Windows All in One tool. My system is running great, CF not starting is the only symptom of any instability. Well, what’s also happened twice is as I’ve started up (with CF on), Windows Firewall has announced itself as active and blocking software (screenshot 3).

What happened this morning was, CF didn’t start, the usual window popped up asking me if I want to run the diagnostics tool, I click yes (screenshot 4). As usual nothing happened after this. I went into All programs > Comodo and admin-clicked on CF, then the same diagnostics window opened, but this time it ran the diagnostic tool, which I haven’t seen before, it came up clean (screenshot 5) and I’ve attached the report.

As I went to post this, with Windows firewall activated, as I mentioned above in the second paragraph, I wasn’t able to connect to the internet, although my Wifi was on. My browser pages came up ‘error’. So I rebooted, and this time I get the notification that BOTH firewalls are turned on (remember I’ve rebooted five times now, this is the first time CF has started itself, screenshot 6).

So something is amiss, thanks very much for anything you can suggest, Chig.

Reasonably competent, self-taught, single home user.
Sony VAIO laptop (2012), W7 HP, 8GB ram, Comodo FW, Emsisoft AM paid, Secunia, OpenDNS, limited user account.

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Please make sure there are no leftovers of security programs you had installed in the past. A possible left over can cause all sort of “strange effects”. Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had in the past. A list can be found here at the Eset website: ESET Knowledgebase .

Does the above help? Is the sandbox of Emsisoft enabled? See if disabling it helps. Also add the CFP installation folder to the exclusions of Emsisoft AV and see if that makes a difference.

Hi Eric, sorry I’ve been away a bit. thanks for your reply

Uninstalled BitDefender IS2013 with their own uninstall tool, so that should be OK.

Err, what is the CFP installation folder and where do I find it? I looked in Program files > Comodo and I don’t see any such folder.

Following I had a go at adding Comodo to the Emsi exclusions. I went into the Comodo folder and excluded any and all exe files, i’ve attached the screenshot. I haven’t done this ever before so I excluded all of them! Aargh :slight_smile:


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