Fullscreen bug after safeshopping


Found inconvenient bug.
I launch safe shopping work full screen. Then I closed it and found out that the tray should be in down position (2). But my tray is on right side. And when I click to full screen to my program the full screen mode (2) is oriented when tray is in downside position.
After reboot everything is OK.

secure shopping without CIS stay hide in taskbar, is normal;
in windows 10 resize window, if taskbar is configured for showing icons small (problem in windows 10);

Resizing window is inconvenient. Are you seriously sure that this is “problem in windows 10”?

I used before secure shopping in Kaspersky and everything worked fine! :-\

yes, in windows 10 insider happen problems…

Kaspersky cause problems with others softwares security (maybe incompatible)… wait for help to devs…

sorry my english!

I needed to exit from secure shopping using comodo panel. If I close browser (comodo dragon) in secure shopping nothing changed. Need to exit secure shopping via comodo control panel…