Full Virtualization

Just to clear things up - will the behavior blocker set to fully Virtualized protect against all malware, I know there is a problem with some keyloggers, but will they be stopped from sending out the info???

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In theory yes. But no the firewall won’t stop the info getting out and that’s the issue.

I will say it again: Fully Virtualized BB should only be used by ADVANCED users. It’s not about malware anymore it’s about understanding how it operates.

Strange statement for sure.
If a component of a SECURITY suite is not about malware,then what on earth is it about please.? ;D

From my testing it’s been able to protect my computer from all malware I’ve run inside it. Also, I believe the FV Sandbox should be able to stop most keyloggers from transmitting data to the internet. However, there is still one possible leak (documented in this bug report) which has me worried.

Nothing strange about it. I was talking about the stability of the system some users had issues using BB fully virtualized as it crashed their system when they tried to run some application. Also normal users might get confused about the virtual environment and how it operates (registry keys, drivers, etc).

I believe almost all of the issues with the computer BSOD when some apps are run in the sandbox has been fixed.