Full virtual whilst set to partial limited ?

Hi all

I have noticed that browsers started from the widget run as fully virtual even when the sandbox level is partially limited/limited/etc
If I hadn’t enabled full virtual via regedit what sandbox level would the run at ?
The only exception to this is if I have an instance of non virtual Firefox running then start FF from the widget the second instance opens and runs non virtual also
Is this normal/expected behavior


yes this is normal


Ok this is good 8)

Thanks for rapid response

just so you know any app manually run in sandbox will be fully virtualized as well as have restrictions like partially limited etc even though there’s no indication of virtualization for the manual sandbox. at least this is how it is in 5.10 and don’t think they would take it out. you can look at the help page for 5.10 to verify. the auto sandbox is what requires the reg hack which can only use restrictions or virtualization but not both like the manual sandbox