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When will the full (non beta) version be out?

CAVS is the release version & that is available now. CAVS 2 beta testing only started last week ( beta was released yesterday). So, I would suspect that CAVS 2 will not be available as a release version for at least another month & that is optimistic. I think, Comodo hope to release it just before or at Christmas (late December).

Sorry I had to uninstall the program froze our computer (:AGY) up so we will wait for a month or two tried v1.1 and V2 beta
Good luck with the product :■■■■

Hi Martin4Jay, real sorry to hear that. Since CAVS 2 has HIPS, it sounds like it conflicted with something else. But, please do drop back in & check out CAVS 2 later. I’m sure it will be great in a month.

Just downloaded Beta 2 build so far so good. I only wish I could get virus update to feel more secure.


Unfortunately, there are no live virus definition updates for beta testing, since they are incompatible with CAVS 1. But, Kishor did say that he would include any updates in the beta releases & that is why there will be a weekly CAVS beta release in the short term.

Thanks ka/il, when and where would I know to get them

Keep an eye out here… https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/board,61.0.html