Full screen mode


Is it possible to set up Comodo Dragon to open in full screen mode ? Now I can´t get it (see attached image).



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Set all 3 Dragons shortcuts to run maximized.
Right click taskbar icon, then right click Comodo Dragon, choose properties, shortcut, run set to maximized then click apply.
Also for the desktop shortcut and start menu shortcut set to maximized as well.
New windows should now open maximized.

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I don’t have option to choose ‘maximize’ (see attached image). There is only:

  • Internet explore
  • Internet properties
  • Removed from this list

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The start menu shortcut I was referring to is Start> Comodo> Dragon> Comodo Dragon shortcut.
Also don’t forget the desktop and taskbar shortcuts.

I have changed in Start->Comodo->Dragon-> Comodo Dragon shortcut but nothing. It doesn´t work. I don´t have desktop and taskbar shortcuts.

Hi emil.sekula,
Sorry nothing is doing the trick for you, I am not sure why.
Hope someone else with a solution will reply.