Full scan

I noticed that during the complete scan the percentage does not appear … It appears towards the middle of the scan or beyond at least after about 1 hour from the start of the scan.
It needs to be fixed. :wink:

Maybe it’s a bit excessive … what do you think …? :o :o ;D ;D

You probably changed from default settings and let it scan in big archives. That is known to be very intensive.

I stopped using full scans a decade ago or so. I don’t believe in its use. Malware will be caught upon upacking or execution.

So in the real time scan settings I don’t have to add extensions like: * .zip, * .rar, * .cap and , 7z?
Do I leave the default ones? (
. exe and *.jar)?

Also in the scan settings (full and quick) I remove the check mark on “decompress and scan compressed files” (active by default)?


Though using another AV myself not using full scans either.

You have slow PC??? ;D

No. :slight_smile:

I use the default setting only scanning .exe and .jar. They are the archives that actually execute.

If you would unpack a *.zip archive and you would an unpacked executable it will be caught upon execution. That’s probably why Comodo does not let the real time scanner scan * .zip, * .rar, * .cap and *, 7z and others.

Also in the scan settings (full and quick) I remove the check mark on "decompress and scan compressed files" (active by default)?
Please try that and see if that makes a noticeable difference.


My Full scan takes 25 minutes for SSD, for HDD it was 1 hour 15 minutes.

Can you show me the settings you have in the full scan?

Running a full scan on a heavily fragmented HDD is a nightmare in that it consumes excessive HDD access times (head movement time) which an SSD doesn’t have.

For info to date:
Speed: up to 3500MB / s read, 3300MB / s write
Format: M2 (PCI Express x4)
HDD disc
An HDD disk cannot obtain this performance due to the maximum mechanical physical factor (Speed: 80MB / s write and 175MB / s read)

W10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042. 1110/ CIS PRO :
with SSD


The full scan takes on average 1H20mn.
In attachment the setting of the AV.

Fortunately I only run it once a month (by force of habit and piece of mind).
it is true that whatever AV is used, the full scan almost never detects a virus.

Additionally, a read speed of 175MBs can only be achieved when reading large continuous (unfragmented) files. When reading many small files (from random positions on the HDD) and when reading files which are heavily fragmented this speed drops down to only several MB/s worst case.

Where are the settings interested in?

Antivirus and scan settings.

Can you tell how many GB (or more accurate, how many MB) where read during the full scan?
This could give a nice AV full scan performance indicator, SSD AV full scan : x GB/s (with x being calculated from scan MB and scan time).

Thanks! ???