full scan ?

hello, and thanks for your interest. i have been using cavs for about two weeks now and all in all i am quite happy with it, i just have one small concern, when i scan with “full system scan” i only seem to scan about 1/3 the number of files as opposed to my old scanner.here is an example.

files scanned: 48542
memory: 455
folders: 3754
compressed: 123
with my old scanner i would scan about 120,000 files, and with current anti spyware about the same amount of files.
i suppose my question is, does cavs have a different method of reporting, or am i missing something. just to repeat, i am scanning “full system scan” and have tried all other alternatives, thanks again, techdunce :slight_smile:

Hi tech dunce,
Different Antivirsus treates different files (archieve and packed files etc.) in different way. That is the reason, you will find that different AV shows different files counts.
The actual number files present in your system shown by windows explore will be lesser this(48542).

To varify it

  1. Open Windows explorer
  2. Select all/files(Ctl+A) and right click to select Properties
  3. See the number of files and folders

So, you need not to worry about it.


hello kishork and thanks for that. i wasnt too sure so had to ask. problem resolved, techdunce :slight_smile: