Full scan taking forever

This morning I found PC running Full Scan and after 3+ hours it said it was only at 8.9%. I stopped it and ran a Quick Scan instead which took only a few minutes as expected and found no issues.

When I looked at the log afterwards it struck me that it Quick Scanned 28,473 files, and the Aborted Full Scan had scanned 610,646 files which struck me as odd so I checked my 3 hard drives and found (using TreeSize Free):

C: has 188,114 files
D: 657 files
E: 19,368 files

So the count of 610,646 files strikes me as out-of-line even if CIS is unpacking zip and jar etc files.

Is it possible that CIS is checking also my NAS or SERVER? Where might I check that?

I tried running Full Scan again and watching it work it appears to be taking 5-10secs per file which seems not right.

Can anyone suggest how I might troubleshoot both the speed and the “files checked” issues?

If your NAS or server is connected as a map networked drive that is listed in My Computer, then yes the full scan profile will scan those network drives. You can use Windows resource monitor and filter on cavwp.exe under the Disk tab to see all files that are being accessed.

Thanks, I did check for mapped drives and at least according to right-click-my-computer-map-network-drive I do not have any. I suppose I should look for problems in the registry…

This PC also is a WHS2011 client which adds a lot of SERVER checking that I’m suspicious of too.

That is a wonderful tip ft about Resource Monitor. I have to get familiar with that thing for sure. Thank you.

I am also having same problem. I am posting here so I don’t have to create new thread. It took 10 hours to get what it said 32% completion. I am using Med heuristics and the could setting enabled.

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You should disable cloud scanning as that will definitely slow the scan down as each file is being sent to the cloud rating system, also make sure you have defragmented your hard drives as a heavily fragmented drive can cause disk read delays.