Full AV database fail on site!

Hi, I noticed on the website again false information, complete database is not updated as frequently as indicated on the website “The complete, downloadable database is updated approximately every 2 days so may not contain all the latest definitions as shown in the table above.”, on site BASE_END_USER_v21220 but in antivirus BASE_UPD_END_USER_v21440, according to the version of the database has already passed more than 2 days, i understood correctly? :o

It’s never been “every 2 days” in my experience. Usually more like somewhere between “every 4 days” and “every week” at best. But ever since November last year, Comodo appear to have been intentionally making this progressively longer. As I’ve posted several times before, it seems that the full database is typically only being updated around once a month now. This can (and apparently does) cause update problems, however, no explanation has been forthcoming so far.


02/09/2014  06:54       205,548,150      BASE_END_USER_v19393.cav.z
06/09/2014  13:52       207,194,556      BASE_END_USER_v19435.cav.z
10/09/2014  13:21       207,032,063      BASE_END_USER_v19471.cav.z
14/09/2014  12:50       207,425,105      BASE_END_USER_v19509.cav.z
18/09/2014  13:59       208,733,806      BASE_END_USER_v19547.cav.z
22/09/2014  14:11       208,615,920      BASE_END_USER_v19585.cav.z
26/09/2014  15:16       209,969,433      BASE_END_USER_v19623.cav.z
30/09/2014  15:20       210,219,840      BASE_END_USER_v19659.cav.z
04/10/2014  13:04       210,479,430      BASE_END_USER_v19699.cav.z
08/10/2014  11:19       210,674,721      BASE_END_USER_v19739.cav.z
12/10/2014  12:24       210,651,934      BASE_END_USER_v19777.cav.z
16/10/2014  13:34       210,729,692      BASE_END_USER_v19815.cav.z
20/10/2014  13:38       210,941,085      BASE_END_USER_v19854.cav.z
24/10/2014  13:31       211,521,775      BASE_END_USER_v19887.cav.z
28/10/2014  15:01       212,921,671      BASE_END_USER_v19923.cav.z
01/11/2014  11:47       213,112,360      BASE_END_USER_v19960.cav.z
07/11/2014  21:13       214,967,162      BASE_END_USER_v19997.cav.z
13/11/2014  15:03       219,952,173      BASE_END_USER_v20070.cav.z
26/11/2014  05:56       221,560,725      BASE_END_USER_v20197.cav.z
08/12/2014  10:06       224,434,815      BASE_END_USER_v20303.cav.z
22/12/2014  04:41       226,568,301      BASE_END_USER_v20438.cav.z
10/01/2015  10:54       229,528,661      BASE_END_USER_v20663.cav.z
09/02/2015  06:35       230,172,256      BASE_END_USER_v21015.cav.z
26/02/2015  15:23       231,762,546      BASE_END_USER_v21220.cav.z
17/03/2015  15:14       233,458,515      BASE_END_USER_v21443.cav.z

I have long been concerned about this issue, but since no one does anything, I decided to ask about it!

I understand the developers do not care what happens, the site nobody controls? >:(

I look forgot about the topic because she did go into the history of the forum, and who needs outdated themes! The team Сomodo you are great guys, ignore the solution for you, let’s continue!!! :-TD :-TD :-TD

Thread is closed, the question is asked in a support on the site, the reason!

In support of the one-button sit idiots who either do not understand or do not care that you do not work, have the impression that the forum is also there! The issue has not been resolved to this day, but apparently no one cares! :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD


Ignoring the problem, you agree to my words above! :wink:

I am not a Comodo employee. Moderators are end users like yourself.

To you I have no questions, I am waiting for the staff Comodo! :wink:

Staff, anyone?

Topic created 17-03-2015, Сomodo staff all also do not care about what is happening, sad! :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD

Site accompanies somebody or it itself? >:(

We heard you. Getting angry or being disgruntled is not going to change the situation. Please stop posting in this topic. You made your point. Now it is up to Comodo.

I am writing in their subjects until I did not hear, and did not answer me, or I understand that ignoring. Please do not misunderstand me!
If you notice I’m writing on the case, I’d like to just hang out, I would do it in a different place! :wink:

P.S.: If you have the opportunity to contact the developers why this long silence?

With you can go crazy, more in my signature! Bye!