full and incremental backup

I have just started dealing with COMODO backup version
First I ran a Full backup - simple copy.

10.12.2011 13:18:06 Initiating full backup …
10.12.2011 13:18:06 Collecting source information…

Then I ran a Incremental backup for trial purposes, but Comodo started saving the same files it just copied as Full backup.

11.12.2011 12:42:48 Running scheduled backup E:\BACKUP_xxxx\xxx
11.12.2011 12:42:48 Initiating incremental backup …

My question is: do I need to complete a first incremental backup before proceeding with a “real” incremental backup? Actually I already ran a full backup, how do ???I take this as reference for the incremental one?

You don’t need an initial backup to run an incremental.
A simple copy backup job defined as incremental will run as full if no files/folders are in the destination folder.

The destination is automatically used as base for a new incremental backup, so running the same backup multiple times with same source and destination will use as base (reference) the previous backup.


Thanks Emanuel, I am going to try again by specifying as destination of the backup the same folder used for the full backup, so it should work. :slight_smile: