FTP to xbox and web space

Hello to every body. Before starting Orry for my english.
I’m a new user of CPF 3 and I’ve got some problems. Let me explain:

my configuration is this

in my pc I’ve two ethernet one connected to the router (an old one with only a eternet in/out) and the secondo pc ethernet in connected with my xbox 1.

Both zone are recognized by comodo and selected like trusted zone.

For my pc-router


For my xbox 1 the tcp/ip are like this
Get is lleave empty and my xbox has ip and get inverted.

I need to contact my xbox using an fpt client (Flashfxp or filezilla).
But noting happen even if both application are selected like trusted application.
With comodo 2.4 every things works good.

How can i correct this error? Do you think that could be a things like a bug (ie VPN bug?).
If i shout down cpf 3 it do not work but if i uninstall it everythings works fine.

Help me please.

What is your OS and version of CFP3? Under Network Security Policy, what rules do you have fpr flashfxp? What are your global rules? Are you getting any block messages in your firewall log?

WIN XP SP2 I’ve the latest one CFP installed
in global rules the 2 zone are trusted in and out and the only bock rules is the block default rules
in application rules are trusted application


Anything in the log? Try setting your netmasks to .

anything in the log, and i do not think that changin a 255 into 0 can make it work.
It seems to be a very big bug. anyone with my same problem? With other firewall every is good. Only with CFP3 there is this problem even if i edit the global rules like sad in the first post of this forum.

OK, but you have your xbox on a different subnet than your pc-router, which can cause problems-sorry, I don’t use an xbox.