FTP timeout?

Is it Comodo Firewall blocked FTP Port?(21)
My friend cannot connect to my FTP server while i am using comodo,
it said request timeout.
but if i close or “allow all” the Comodo Firewall, it can be connect
So if i want my friend to access my FTP server and using comodo as the same time,
what should i do?

What Comodo Firewall rules are you using on your ftp server? Besides allowing tcp in on port 21, to support passive ftp you must also allow tcp in on any high order port (above 1024 will work). See http://www.slacksite.com/other/ftp.html for example.

Thank you for replying
but may be it is not FTP software problem
cuz i used different FTP software but it still can’t connect
but if i use zone alarm as firewall it got no problem :-X