FTP Backup

Please repost the exe and I will try again.

Sorry, the file was accidentally deleted.
Here is a new exe:


Here are the dump files.



This issue seems harder to track down, than I thought.
The analysis of the dump file doesn’t contain all the information that would be needed, so I built a debug executable which contains more information, so please try again with this one.
If the crash happens again please post the dump file.


Now all I get is an application error that stats

"The instruction at 0x4025df60 referenced memory at 0xffffffff.
The Memory could not be read.

and it won’t let me take a dump of the processes.

Please wait for the next version of Comodo Backup.
We made some changes in the ftp backup and the issue should be fixed then.


Do you have a release date?

A BETA will be available next month.


Still having the exact same issues with the new beta version.

Same issues meaning that the application crashes or doesn’t work?
If it crashes / freezes, please create a dump file.
If it doesn’t work because of an error please collect the debug logs.