Frustrated with Comodo

How many complaints must you people recieve before you fix this “free” Crap?!?!?!?!?
Just take at look at the forum!!
thousands and thousands of people have many problems and none are getting fixed!

It don’t work and you can’t remove it!!!

I think the only reason you develop software is to get people to join “help” forum so you can sell ads.


I changed the topic title from “OMFG” to one that makes more sense. I also moved this from the bug reports forum.

The “free crap” is actually 100% free. And I wouldn’t call it crap.

The developers usually fix the problems as soon as the problem has been identified.

It works, unless there’s a problem with your hardware or software.

Comodo doesn’t sell ads.


Now I am frustrated with WTFisGoinOn comment, he insulting everyone on this forum including developers and supporters and users (:SAD)

He must be from the OA forums… :SMLR

Your a good writer ;D

I just came from about the multitude of popups :SMLR. What was missing was HOW to tame this excellent Comod Firewall Pro (S). So, I sent an answer to how to correct some items: On both Firewall and Defense+Security Level, I had changed them to (:TNG), Training Mode Only! Npw the popups were really troubling and that takes som manuvering for that. I UNCHECKED Display Balloon Messeges and it quite now ;D ;D 88). (:CLP). RAH RAH RAH L’all, Darrell

You cannot leave Comodo on training mode forever though. Move both of the firewall and D+ to train with safe mode after a week or so.

Good advice!

Surely you mean Zone Alarm

No I meant OA. As in Online Armor. I know what I typed.

I know very well what OA means.
It is a first class security program

Not if you read here.

Very interesting.

I think Mike Nash is a great guy, ie., Friendly, generous, and hardworking. I think Aileaf’s frustration is more because of the bickering with Alex_S than anything. :slight_smile:

No not true. I was using OA awhile back and Mike Nash and his so called great team couldn’t figure out why gamers like me were getting high pings and increased latency especially in WOW. He asked me to install a logging version so I could help him fix the problem. I agreed but then I sat back and thought to myself. Is this really my job to fix something that Mike Nash and his team should fix. No its not. This isn’t the first time Mike has asked users to fix problems that they cant seem to fix.

From the posting I have seen Ailef is also frustrated because they haven’t removed the “the only firewall with 100% leak protection” from their main page for some time now even though they know thats not the case. I am sure they have a good reason but just pointing out why Ailef is upset.


Forgot to add that, all I know is that things have been developing at a lightning pace on both sides, partly because of this. :wink:

Look here Melih its till up. Mike Nash said he was updating the site and that was 3 weeks ago.

is it also on their home page still?


First, he refers to an outdated test.
Second, at the time he posted word “ONLY” on his web Outpost Fw pro was another one which reached 100% also.
Matousec published results of 100% for OP and OA at the same time.
So Mike Nash lies all the time.

Here is the prof


Online Armor: The first FREE firewall with 100% leak protection out of the box.