Frustrated Wanna Be computer Geek! Please show me the way!!

:o ??? >:-D >:( :-\ :P0l

OK!! heres the prob im havin…

I downloaded comodo protection and spybot search and destroy. I then downloaded firefox with no script (whatever it was called) and adware after researching various geek domes i felt that these items combined would help me do what I love to do without my computer getting HIV time and time again…BECAUSE my passion is downloadng torrents!

So last night I thought I did everything right and then found a torrent through a torrent firefox add on finder and scanned the site through another cool add on started with a W like WON or something…anyways… then I try to download it after i scanned it over and over with everything…The file got changed to a binary file and my computer did not have a program to open it with.

So, deleted the torrent download request and then went to update my adobe on a secured adobe site and low and behold the download there is also a binary file!?!?!?!?!? Did a little herpies sore squeeked through amd give my computer a kiss? or did I do something ? I kept thinking it was in the blockers firewall and anti virus settings I looked everywhere and I dont know what to do?



can you post the links to the files you downloaded?

and describe the problem in you main language, later ill use google to translate, because i dint really understand the problem, in the way you described it

Wrong. Don’t go saying that you are going to use a translator to understand his message. First of all, I think he did use that so-called Google translator. Second of all, in the gaming forum that I play, a player was asking kindly to get his character released but due to the translator he sounded rude and demanding, that’s a direct-ban/auto-deny.

electrixmermaid, try to make the program that you use to download the torrents to read your binary and add the file association(a.k.a. Default Program/Program that opens the files in the first place, if it’s .torrent). Search for that if you don’t understand.
There is also the problem where your file refuses to be recognized as an .exe, this might vary by your OS, I don’t remember the program that re-applies the extensions, so search for that. Yahoo it! XD

Edit: Usually it’s the “Enviroment Variables” in your “System Properties.” I know how to get there with XP and Vista, never had 7 to know how that one does it.