frustating ssl validation process

Ref.Ticket number ( DZI-385608) We are facing very frustating situation for documents validationfor issue of wild card ssl certificate for our domain (Ref ticket number : DZI-385608). We were existing users for wild card ssl certificate, which has already expired a week ago. The validation docs submitted have been being rejected by validation team without any valid reason. validity of our ssl certificate has expired just because of the whimsical attitude of comodo sales and validation team. we have sent tons of emails and raised multiple tickets but of no avail. these people have no analytical eye to understand the documets.

Every time we have sent documents for validation, it has been rejected without any valid reason on premise that it is not of type which they approve. It seems that comodo sets standards world wide for legal documents formats.

For example, they approve power bil but if it is energy bill (which is same in our case) that will rejected. They approve company land line bill but not internet lease line bill. what a pitty. For our company when there are 1000 landline bill in the name of individual office, how can we provide a land line bill of company’s name. it seems no body is listening there.


I have spoken to my manager about your situation and he has had the certificate issued.

We apologize for the troubles.

Hello ,

It have been the same for me but i have been waiting now more than 2 months. I did provide all the documents more than 1 time . I sent many faxes , many documents and finally after 2 months , they are saying to me that the last thing to verify is the number of our company . but it doesn’t make any sence , its even written anywhere that the number have to be verify and they say to me that my number have to be on the website. My address is showing but not my number . What can i do guys i have been waiting more than 2 months and 3 weeks now. And they cant even verify by calling us on the number provided.

I am desperate. it have been to long now for a ev certificate.

Waiting for your answer asap.

Regards Ltd

thanks comodo team for listening and sorting the issue…but i earnestly request pleeeeeese review yr validation process. Differenciating between a genuine and non genuine company is not all that difficult.