From Norton DNS To COMODO DNS, MSN Games Blocked

Due to Norton DNS being discontinued this year, I switched over to COMODO Secure DNS, but it blocks MSN Games. Can you guys have MSN Games unblocked please? And is there any way to have all porn sites blocked using this DNS?

I believe this is what your looking for

Category based Domain Filtering
I believe you can block porn with this. Although it might unintentionally block "michelangelo's david statue" or some health topics" LOL!! Just a little humor :)
Blacklist/Whitelist Domains

B/W lists help you block or allow specific domains based on your web access policy per each device that you own.

You can whitelist MSN games or anything else

Its been a long time since I tried this out. If it doesnt meet your requirement, I apologies in advance. Its free for 5 machines