Fresh test for detection of viruses

Test for 2012.12.02
Quantity - 135
98,52% Emsisoft Anti-Malware
94,07% Avira IS 2012
93,33% Ikarus
92,59% Ashampoo Anti-Malware
91,85% Immunet Protect
88,89% MBAM
88,89% TrustPort TP 2012 ( Xenon+Argon+Vanadium+Wolfram )
87,41% Comodo PS 2012
87,41% TrustPort TP 2012 (Vipre+AVG)
86,67% G DATA TC 2012
85,93% AVG IS 2012
85,93% Panda GP 2012
85,93% TrustPort TP 2012 (BitDefender+AVG) 2012
84,44% Hitman Pro
82,96% Eset AV 5
82,22% F Secure IS 2012
81,48% BitDefender 2012
81,48% Kingsoft PC Doctor
80,00% Dr.Web SS 7
76,30% Kaspersky IS 2012
74,81% avast! Free
68,15% Microsoft Security Essentials
65,93% TrendMicro Titanium MS 2012
60,74% Nortont IS 2012
45,93% Outpost SS Free
43,70% Rising AV
22,96% ClamWin
22,96% SuperAntiSpyware
7,41% Spyware Terminator

well if you ask AV-Comparatives to test the same, they will give you a different result :wink: You shouldn’t trust your eyes…you should trust AV-Comparatives :slight_smile:

Nice results but 135 is a very small number. I test comodo against fresh malware and yesterday I tested against a little over 6000. It got a detection of about 75% and that is about what everyone else gets with new malware.

sorry but you are not AV-Comparatives :). You can’t believe what you see, you must believe AV-Comparatives…Because they are not validated or audited…and thats why should take their word for it while they are getting paid :slight_smile:

I need to buy an AV.

Does anyone know where can I get information of how effective populars AV are, against malware?
If you know of any of this source that can give me a full report of how effective they are, please make sure that the source its not audited or validated by any third party. They must be “independant”.
Also, they must force the Antivirus companies to deny the “existence” of any financial relationship.
And as a last request, they should be ethical.

You already have the best AV available…your brain!

94,07% Avira es el 2012 ???

Test Unthreat Free too. Now it has free version. From so many new AV’s nowadays I find Unthreat Free quite effective & at par with the likes of quality free AV’s.

Also Forticlient Lite Free. It has improved a lot.


Who knows Kingsoft PC Doctor is an av? I use it for system tuninig. Surprised it has such high detection - I thought it was just a system utility. So who knows is it safe to have Kingsoft PC Doctor resident on with CIS?

wish CIS could incorporate some of kingsoft pc doctor features

Hi, our main goal is to be the best AV companion, not the replacement :slight_smile: However we still pay a lot of attention on the security side cause security DOES matter.

Kingsoft Logan

Hi, there is a tutorial on hackforums regarding the combination of kingsoft pc doctor and comodo.
AV Combo Tutorial [kingsoft + comodo]

Kingsoft Logan

hi everyone

I have said this before and will say it again, as an AV CIS is as a good as any other AV but CIS is exactly what it is supposed to be, an INTERNET SECURITY “suite”. Please don’t compare just on the AV aspect only, but look at the package.

I go to sites that most of the general public won’t go to and since I have been using CIS I have not been infected once. Most of the public wouldn’t know where to get a set of virus samples to test so I think some of the comments regarding the effectiveness of CIS are unfounded.

NO AV or suite is 100% perfect but as one comment was made “we do have a brain” and it is up to the individual where they go on the net. If you want to go to bad places then expect to have bad repercussions. What is of consequence is how you are protected. As for me I would not use any other suite except for CIS. I have tried others (paid) and they have let me down big time.

The guys who test the various av samples are extremely computer savvy but most people aren’t and the protection that CIS gives (i believe) is second to none.

Again to Melih and the crew thanks for making a fantastic piece of software FREE to everyone and please keep up the great work.


It must be a good one!