Fresh Install of CIS blocks DHCP server


I have just installed CIS on a third computer running WinXP. The other two Vista and Win 7 auto configured fine on my network. For some reason CIS is blocking/not seeing the DHCP server on my Dlink router and is giving me the dreaded 169.254.X.X

I know the DHCP server is working correctly because when I uninstall CIS and do an ipconfig /release & /renew, the ip is dropped and refreshed with no problems. I have tried a bunch of stuff out of old posts on the forum, but to no avail.

Any hints for configuration in the latest version are much appreciated. Really like Comodo and want to stick with it.


Hello sdss

Have you checked;msg300650#msg300650 ?


Hi Jake,

Thanks for your help. Yes I did look at that page and try the solution presented there. I haven’t done any configuration such as stealth ports and thus my log was empty and didn’t show any blockages but I tried the solution anyway. It didn’t work unfortunately.


May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Otherwise do a Google search with terms “removal tool” and * name of product or vendor*.

I had Bit Defender on there and will try a removal tool just in case. Not sure why that would work however as when I remove CIS the DHCP server works perfectly. Will let you know.

I uninstalled CIS, ran the Bit Defender uninstall package and reinstalled CIS but to no avail. Same problem. Any ideas to this much appreciated. Thanks.

Can you show screenshots of your Global Rules and Firewall logs?

Arg, ok- will re-install when i get a chance. Am running that machine with Windows firewall (gulp) and Comodo Antivirus at the moment until I get the time to fool with it some more. Thanks for the help.

Keep us posted. When you reply I will see that in the list of unread replies to topics I am engaged in.