frequent intrusion attempts

There is a new "intrusion attempt " blocked several times per second. Destination ip Log says the application is “Windows Operating System”. I account the events as leading to a rather lengthy history log. Is there anyone who knows how to fix this? ??? I just recently updated and rebooted the computer twice. Unknown to me if this is actual hack attempt or false positive. This is Windows XP, and I have upgraded from Windows Millennium Edition.

broadcast is used on LAN by a machine that doesnt know the MAC of some other machine or some machines got some service installed and broadcast all the lan to check if someone needs its service.
routers block it. so there’s no broadcast over the internet.
or u got some cable ISP ,they got dhcp servers always broadcasting all the network, in case some machine needs an ip to connect the internet.
i’m not a professional about network but broadcast cant come from the internet as routers block it, like lan ips, they cant go on the internet, it’s private to make your lan.
if u got only 1 machine without isp cable so it’s a mistery for me and someone with better knowledges will help.

Things were quiet for a while than it started up again. traffic was logged several times per minute from an address of I saw a reply that gave me a clue that it may help if I tell you I am connected to the internet through cable. I wonder if the ports are automatically stealth, or if I’m suppose to find the setting that does that.


this is TOO some LAN ip man.
it’s not ip for internet,
u know some ip ranges to set a LAN.
those ip are blocked and cant be used for internet, it’s only for your private network. à à à
those ranges are for private use so your ip comes from your gateway ,i dont understand your settings, what’s your NIC ip ? is it 10.29.0.***** then your NIC is connected to some router that gives u internet access ? and this ip is your router no? or what ?
can u explain your network, cause if your router is it’s normal u got trafic with it.
give your settings please, i understand nothing…