Freezes/corrupts windows 10

Since the latest update/hotfix Windows 10 will freeze after logging in. I had to Uninstall via safe mode. Once Uninstalled everything worked perfectly fine again.

However a fresh install, everything freezes again.

Any fix? Or how do I revert to the version before?

As well as freezing. Everything I try open eg Google Chrome task manager etc. I get the following error: windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the file" (note due to the freezing it takes 20 minutes to get that error. And 3 hours still waiting for task manager or comodo firewall program to open.

Again this goes away and works perfectly when in remove comodo firewall completely.

Very disappointed that in the past year have had to remove then reinstall everything as comodo firewall updates are interacting badly with windows 10.

EDIT: to confirm it was the latest version v6294 I reinstalled. It works fine up to point I have to restart computer. Then nothing at all will work.

Only other software that updated in the past month is the built in one drive. No new drivers or software installed for past 4 months or so. Issue started since today Monday 11th September 2017. Was fine yesterday.

Hi DragonWolf5589,

Sorry for the trouble caused. Can you please provide us the msinfo32 file by uploading in any online storage and share the link through private message.

To do:
Search msinfo32 in Run command window and save as msninfo32.nfo

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hi, just to confirm thats the System information that just opened? (just to check I have the right thing open)

i’ll try get it done today but if by tomorrow ive not sent you the link please remind me :wink:

(im muti-tasking a few things including being a carer and also trying to have a big clear out)

PS: I assume doing this is ok without comodo firewall installed? or do I need to reinstall and save this info in safe mode?

as I can’t get anything to load with it installed, as when comodo loads, the icon in tray is invisible and then the laptop will freeze and nothing else will load. so had to uninstall it again just to be able to read your reply (as i tried it yet again to see if it got sorted, and I repaired onedrive to see if that helped, but same issues)

Hi DragonWolf5589,

I assume doing this is ok without Comodo firewall installed? or do I need to reinstall and save this info in safe mode?

We need msinfo32, Windows Event logs and Procmon Bootlog.

Provide the following files (no need of Comodo Firewall installed in your system)

To provide msinfo32
msinfo32 file by searching msinfo32 in Run command window and save as msninfo32.nfo

To provide Windows Event logs
Export Windows logs of Application, Security, Setup and System from Event Viewer

Now install Comodo Firewall 6294 but don’t reboot when rebooted is requested, as we need to install procmon.

Steps to Collect Procmon Bootlog

1)Download Process Monitor from here for Windows Vista and higher and
Process Monitor from here for Windows XP
2)Extract the downloaded .zip file and run Procmon.exe by “Run as administrator”
3)Select Enable Advanced Output from Filter Options menu
4)Click Options and select Enable Boot Logging
5)You will get Boot logging options window. Enable Generate thread profiling events and set to Every second. Click Ok to confirm your settings
6)Reboot the system
7)Allow the system to fully load windows and any associated startup programs
8)Now again run Procmon.exe by “Run as administrator”
9)You will a prompt window with information about a log of boot-time activity being created. Click Yes to save the boot log.
10)Choose a location and save the boot log, a .pml file will be generated.

Send us back this three files by uploading in online storage and share the link through private message.
Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Very sorry for the long delay getting back to you (long story short, I run a small review site and server went off and had to move everything so been rather busy)

I have just saved the first 2 logs about to reinstall comodo, then I’ll save the logs again with (comodo) in the name for when I have it reinstalled.

Just a quick glance, on the 11th september, day i started this thread - in event viewer logs you told me to save, theres hundreads of errors saying DCOM got error “1084” attempting to start the service WSearch with arguments “Unavailable” in order to run the server:
DCOM got error “1084” attempting to start the service TokenBroker with arguments “Unavailable” in order to run the server:
DCOM got error “1084” attempting to start the service ShellHWDetection with arguments “Unavailable” in order to run the server:
DCOM got error “1084” attempting to start the service lfsvc with arguments “Unavailable” in order to run the server:

theres a few different ones, you will see them fully when I inbox you, just thought share couple of them here while im reinstalling.

Will get back to you soon with the files. just thought i’d post that im finally got the time to do it!

Please bear with me while I’m forced to reinstall the whole of windows 10 after comodo firewall messed up everything this time.

All restore points gone, network drivers won’t work. everything seems corrupted.

In addition it blocks files to everything, claims I don’t have permission to access. I Took pics on phone and attached images (I couldnt even open anything to paste screenshots in, and onedrive normally saves them automaticly but that wouldn’t boot up either)

As soon as the comodo firewall tray appears, It blocks 100% of every single exe file causing permissions issue, security tab to vanish from folder properties and stops shut down or restart. I can’t even exit the firewall using the tray as this too completely freezes and refused to do anything.

Even files on external drive. Everything is “can’t access” even tried process manager on external drive to try to get you the bootlogs, to no avail.

EDIT: Now finally removed comodo firewall, it refused to uninstall several times (luckily I downloaded comodo removal tool beforehand as it failed to Uninstall so found it in my files in safe mode)

but now all network drivers and internet won’t work and refuse to reinstall or do anything So may still have to reinstall windows 10, and system restore is non existent as it corrupted and removed all files. I need it working to update stuff on my review site, so no choice but to reinstall windows 10 picking the option to keep my files and apps! (fingers crossed)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok reinstalled windows 10, I had same issue with internet even though comodo is removed, it kept files and programs and everything but no internet or anything. Reinstalling did fix a separate issue I was having since last version of comodo installed (no security tab in properties showing on any folders or drives) though so can’t complain so it fixed something


Any after searching the whole internet for hours on my mobile, found a forum thread from 2015 on bleeping computer. Issue was in the network adaptors near the IP4 settings there was comodo firewall driver (but it didnt show anywhere else) so I uninstalled it and everything is finally back up)

Comodo removal tool needs to compensate to include this… or a message to tell users to do it manually if it can’t

I will now send you the logs I could get, but like I said, the logs while comodo firewall instead would not work at all due to permission issues that comodo made for some reason

EDIT 2: Found some logs from process manager, there’s 5 files in total (1.5GB in total), no idea if they collected info or it if just collected while I booted in safe mode, but I included them just in case its any help to you

Im uploaded all the files (1.5gb in total - glad I have 1gbps internet here) to onedrive and sharing it, will inbox you shortly with the link :slight_smile:

EDIT 3: inbox sent. I look forward to your reply. If you have issues getting the files let me know it should be available for 2 months with the link :slight_smile:

Hi, DragonWolf5589.

Thank you for provided logs and files. We investigated them and saw, that you used for installation Comodo Firewall version (take a look on screenshot). It is April release version. Please try to download actual version from here and check on it and let us the results. Also, please check your personal messages.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,


thats odd as I defo used one ending in 6294. I must have reinstalled a slightly older version (I had cmd_fw_installer in 2 locations) while I was trying it for the logs to send you.

Apologies for that, I failed to notice version number hovering over the installer, as its an online installer, I assumed it would took the most recent version from the server. I’ve renamed them so I know which is which :slight_smile:

Will do some system restore points and prepare in case it goes funny on me again, will feedback results and any new logs required in the next day

Update (via my mobile)

Just to confirm everything is locked up and frozen again. Not even comodo tray icon has loaded. Procmons trying to open but getting no where. Getting warnings about permission access again.

(I saved event view logs again before restart, it showed some errors same. Time during installation. No idea if they mean anything as don’t understand. Them but I’ll upload once I get access back)

Looks like I need the windows 10 USB again to be able to system restore. (Highly annoying on encrypted drive having to type key in more than once)

One drive and anti-virus won’t load either. As soo the firewall beings to load up everything freezes.

I started event viewer. Took a good 10 minutes before message “windows cannot access the specified device, path or file”… Going on about permission issues.

Seems odd this is happening as comodo was fine until the 11th September (sadly those event viewer logs have gone or they don’t seem to go that far back)

I even ran some scans before installing comodo and no mallard or viruses except 2 false positive for games off steam

Please bear with me while I spend next 2 hours trying to recover the laptop again.

I have comodo removal tool from 2014 that works up to point I need to delete the network driver if it fails. To Uninstall again.

3 hours later got back on!

Interestingly, system restore got corrupted again until I opened up comodo removal tool and option to use installer with safe mode and network, it opened system restore and 2 points appeared. so it wasn’t AS bad (It took so long as was trying to get the logs)

Interestingly the system restore showed hundreds of drivers will be reinstalled while comodo removed. I think theres an issue it removed almost all windows 10 drivers?

I took a video and some pics via my phone

will be busy until end of week at least now, (as i mentioned in PM) I’ll upload some pics and the video to the same link I gave you, and the updated event viewer log to see if it shows anything new

Hi, DragonWolf5589.

Thank you for provided logs. We are downloading them and will investigate them during a day. We let you know results as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Hi, DragonWolf5589.

The issue was escalated to developers team for further investigation. Please check your e-mail.

Kind Regards,

Sorry for delay in update.

my mum has just got the SAME issue. she is now unable to use her laptop at all, already had to do a system reset, then she installed comodo firewall and it worked ok, however after installing antivirus (same I have) the whole thing did the exact same as me, all programs files everything stops working, no restore points so she has to loose everything again.

Please can you escalate the developer team to try recreate the issue to see if there is a fix? Here are the steps me and mum had: (I suggest do this in virtual pc or spare one to avoid the complete corruption of windows 10)

Steps followed for the issue:
Comodo firewall installed, ticked “create rules for safe applications” in both firewall and hips (untick the widget and welcome message boxes while set to proactive settings"

It worked after a restart.

however once mum installed the antivirus Qihoo 360 Total Security, and restarted, same big issues as the one I had.

(As for me I already have the antivirus installed and when I install comodo everything goes same issue, but it seems to do it other way around as well)

Please can you update the developer team about this information as its worked fine for years but suddenly interacts with Qihoo antivirus (which uses bitdefender and avira databases to ensure no viruses slip in). it is only since last comodo firewall update that this has started to occur (no updates on the antivirus except the daily database updates)

I now have to try get to hers as soon I can tomorrow, she is housebound and requires the laptop to function so she can order groceries when im unable to make it down.

I hope this information helps to solve this major computer breaking conflicts.

there is no firewall in the 360 security so no conflicts with having more than one firewall. I also had issue couple years ago when trying to use bitdefender trial with comodo firewall. It did the exact same thing, so I never trusted bitdefender itself as i assumed that messed it all up, but now Im wondering if its the same issue and its related to the bitdefender virus database?

Feel free to copy paste this info to the developers (Im not sure how to update them) or they can read this post for this information!

EDIT: I found the email with the password for the comodo support ticket, I copied the info above there so they can get a response there as well, so hopefully the developers can see this if it gets escalated again (it changed to open from escalated on reply)

Hi, DragonWolf5589.

Thank you for this information. Please check your ticket.

Kind Regards,

Have you also escalated the Bitdefender incompatibility with Comodo with the Qihoo developers? It’s unreasonable for an anti-virus program to completely disable a system when you use a legitimate firewall tool like Comodo. I’ve also had issues with BitDefender causing problems (unrelated to Comodo) in Windows 7. Comodo offers (paid) anti-virus as well as firewall, and it’s certainly worth considering that instead of BitDefender based AV, if your issues continue.

Hi, yes I reported it to them as well and they said they have had no changes in the past 3 years but will look into it.

however as this started back in 11th September 2017, and it is now 25th October and still no update or fix… i’ll stick to windows firewall… as this antivirus stopped ransomware worms and never failed me yet. (meanwhile even avast or avira didnt find a virus when odd things were happening)

to be honest, i tried comodo antivirus (the full suite) before, didn’t find anything and my whole computer lost everything to a encryption virus… I then noticed it had one the lowest scores on av-test websites. (it may have changed since though as not looked for comodo on there… But i stuck with the firewall until now.

shame really. sometimes it may be annoying with popups but as I have qualifications in IT, I know the dangers you can get these days and rather have these popups to warn me… so sadly windows firewall until i research a better firewall that notifies you better then windows does.

Hello, DragonWolf5589.

We tried to reproduce the issue on our environment, but the issue wasn’t reproduced. Could you please provide 360 security installation package, what do you use to install?
We will check compatibility of it with Comodo Firewall.
We will let you know the results of the investigation as soon as they are available to us.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

the one we use is: Clean Up Your PC & Improve Performance | 360 Total Security
or Clean Up Your PC & Improve Performance | 360 Total Security

(not sure if links were allowed so added space before .com)
Mod edit: It’s fine to post links.

the essential is just the antivirus, first link is antivirus and disk cleanup/disk anayliser, shredder, game booster etc - on install we click on the avira and bitdefender logos to activate/ turn on their databases. this antivirus scans with 3 databases one by one to ensure nothing gets in the system, hence why we use it due to past issues (not that we get viruses often - most came from someone accidentally clicking open an infected email)

I had the antivirus, mum had the other, we both had corruption issues when I installed comodo (or when mum reset her laptop she installed comodo first, then installed the antivirus then it corrupted.

we set proactive on comodo firewall, then on restart nothing will load and as you saw from the screenshots and logs I sent, in system restore it says every driver will be reinstalled as they were removed when comodo was installed.

my laptop is about to update to windows 10 fall creators so bear with me while the laptop updates as something else usually goes wrong during upgrades.

(if it helps we also use malware bytes (free version) and mum also uses iobit malware fighter and advanced system care)

just a shame this suddenly stopped working during the past 2-3 updates. before that comodo firewall had no issues.